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Younes Baghor { w3bwizart }

Welcome to my website. Most of the time I spent with my family, I blog some times, I tweet occasionally and every month I organise a Minecraft-Family Meetup. I liked videogames since I was little and still do, I like to do some DIY and read a book when I find the time.

But a lot of my time has to do with code, machines, methodologies, software architecture, workflow optimization reading articles, doing tutorials, listen to podcasts, and go to conferences or meetups.



Consulting, Lead Dev, Workflow Optimization, R&D and Discovery

My energy and drive comes from curiosity and the desire for continuous learning. After a career in the Metal industry and Horeca in several managing positions. I got interested in computers, so in 2007 I started a bachelor degree and finished in 2010.

During this time I discovered the beauty of the web. Although my education was strongly focused on server-side architecture, I spend most of my free time discovering the modern HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript standard and the surrounding API’s. To learn a better way to display the User Interface(UI) in the browser and to provide a better User Experience(UX). These new learnings pushed me to the front-end & UX part of the web and learned me to solve an issue from a user perspective.

I do have a notion of SEO & SEA but I am more on top of the Social Media landscape. These days I'm into Web Components, Angular, and on the side I am dipping my feet into Python and Solidity. Yes I am very interested in the Blockchain, not for the alt-coins but for the disruptive nature and possibilities of this new way of building and deploying applications.

The last years I had the opportunity to be a lead developer and manage several teams in a Scrum/Agile way. The size of the teams varying from 4 to 20 members. I also have a weak spot for software architecture, in my opinion it all starts with the right architecture, a good data store and retrieval, and make this all work together with the server and client-side in a loosely coupled way. To provide the best web experience for the visitor on every device, and best maintain and collaboration experience for the developers.

Here are some of the customers I may had the opportunity to collaborate:



More excuses to play videogames?

Educational games are games that are designed or provide to help people to learn about certain subjects, expand concepts, reinforce development, understand an historical event or culture, or assist them in learning a skill as they play. Game types include board, card, and video games.

Webwizart.be provides a selection of workshops, presentations and meetup’s about and with educational games. Some examples are:









{ Speaker & Educator }

Over the last 2 years I gained a vast amount of knowledge about Minecraft, Educational games and learn kids to code.


* What is Minecraft?
* ComputerCraft & ComputerCraftEDU
* Why and how to teach kids to code

Workshop’s for kids and adults:

* Minecraft Introduction || Advanced
* Programming with Minecraft
* Setup and Maintain your server
* Minecraft & Modding

Want to book me?    ||    See more workshop details?

{ Solution Provider }

Do you have school, library or cultural center and want to have your own Minecraft environment? I can help you to setup an environment and maintain it, provide training of your members and give support. Minecraft has a vast amount of possibilities to use it to educate about Math, History, Chemistry, Art, Music, Collaborating, Architecture, ...

So if you want to know more about the posibilities and see if it fit's your glove. Let me know and let's meet with a

{ Minecraft-Family Meetup's }

The Minecraft-Family is a Community where I host a Monthly Meetup event to bring kids & family together to learn and play with Minecraft. During these Meetup's I try to teach them about basic computer use, computer science and programming. I also host a Minecraft server which kids who visit the Meetup's are allowed to join, this way I can guarantee a safe environment for our kids.

Check out Minecraft-Family.com for more info.

minecraft-family.com minecraft-family.com



Is where my laptop is, somewhere on the internet!

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